We have a large inventory of fossils from around the world. From Wyoming fossil fish, to Australian fossil lobsters, to Moroccan dinosaur teeth, to coprolites and shark’s teeth, to decorative ammonites from France, we have a great selection.

  • Fossil Fish and Ammonite

    Fossil Fish and Ammonite!

  • Petrified Wood and Fossil Coral

    Petrified Wood and Fossil Coral

  • Case Full of Fossils

    Case Full of Fossils

  • Dinosaur Books

    Dinosaur Books

  • Dinosaur Poop

    Coprolites -- Dinosaur Poop

  • Great Fossil Collection

    Great Fossil Collection!

  • Fossil Fish from Wyoming

    Fossil Fish from Wyoming!

  • Fossils and Paleontology Books

    Fossils and Paleontology Books!

  • Fossil Décor

    Fossil Décor

  • Fossils From Around the World

    Fossils From Around the World!

  • Fossil Shark Tooth

    Fossil Shark Teeth

  • Ammonite from France

    Ammonite from France!

We offer many, many items from around the world:

  • Green River Fossil Fish
  • Trilobites
  • Ammonites
  • Petrified Wood
  • Sharks Teeth
  • Florida Agatized Coral
  • Coprolites (Fossil Poop!)

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